Locovuuz Media

We are a growing media company with a lot of experience in the video and audio field. Our goal is to inform and entertain.

Locovuuz Interviews and Artist development

We provide a visual development package for artists of all kinds. We believe in our motto "Treat every voice like you never heard one". So we are committed to giving you all you need to make your visual impact into the industry.

LNN Network

LNN network is our own news publication. We cover all the big topics from local to international. We discuss recent politics, hot topics, music of the day, sports and etc.

Message from the creator


Hi, everyone my name is Nehemiah Jenkins and I'm the founder of Locovuuz and all of its entities. I started this journey into the visual world when I was 10 years old playing with Windows movie maker. Its safe to say I came along way from then. I am a very patient and understanding person. I try my best to see the good in everything and everybody. I want you all to enjoy my site as well as enjoying its contents.My mission is to build one of Americas biggest media companies from the ground up. Thank you all for your support and enjoy!!!


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